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Elegant Address Stamp for Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Elegant self inking return address stamp with bold black ink

Available at, Etsy, and Amazon

Discover Elegance with Our Self-Inking Return Address Stamp! Personalize wedding invitations and holiday cards with the grace of a lowercase calligraphy font showcasing your last name. Ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your correspondence. Plus, it’s the perfect housewarming gift for friends and family. Get yours today and elevate your mailing experience!

Product Specifications

– Impression Size (maximum): Approximately 2.5” Wide x 1” Height – Size may vary slightly depending on the amount of text

This is a pre-inked, self inking stamper. Black ink is already built into the design plate so no separate ink pad is necessary. You simply press down on the stamp to make an impression.

The ink that comes in the stamp will last for thousands of impressions. You’ll probably never need re-ink the stamp, but if you do, refill ink is available (re-ink with Maxlight oil based ink only!).

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PSI Pre-Inked Stamps at an Affordable Price

Trodat’s PSI stamps feature a compact, ergonomic design that remains comfortable to
hold even after repeated use. Each model has a full-size index window previewing the impression
before you make it, and its transparent base aids in accurate imprint placement. The newer E-Style
models provide larger impression areas than before, thanks to die plates that stretch closer to the
edges of the die box, while a snap-on dust cover protects both your stamp and belongings.
Where the PSI really stands apart, however, is with its removable, ink cartridge-like die box. Whereas
other pre-inked stamps house their ink reservoir internally, the die box in a PSI stamp easily slides in
and out from the base for added flexibility, much like a self-inker.
Every PSI stamp is produced using Low Emissions Manufacturing (LEM), meaning that no odors or
effluent waste are emitted during production and the entire process uses less power than a 100-watt
light bulb uses in an hour, continuing Trodat’s goal of offering environmentally responsible products.

Psi Pre Inked self inking stamps

Shop our PSI stamps now

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Return Address Stamp for Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall is creeping up quickly. If you’re getting married in one of the Autumn months, consider a custom return address stamp for sending out your wedding invitations. A personalized self inking return address stamp will make your mailings so much easier! PrettySweetParty stamps are built to last and the ink is actually built into the text plate so no separate ink pad is needed. Your stamp will come ready to use and will make over 20000 impressions before needing to be re-inked!


Order your return address stamp today!

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50 Percent discount off any return address stamp with coupon code

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Self Inking Address Stamp – All Brides Should Have One For Sending Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards

Wedding Return Address Stamps

Getting married? You probably have a long list of everything you need to take care of before your big day! One item that can save you a ton of time is a custom self inking return address stamp. You’d be surprised how useful an address can be!


If you’re going to a ton of bridal shows, a custom stamp with your name and address can make things so much easier. Instead of repeatedly writing your information on the various forms you’ll fill out, just stamp it with your snazzy self ink stamp! Your hands will thank you!


You mail a lot of stuff when you’re getting married. Save the date cards, wedding invitations, thank you cards, you name it. A wedding return address stamp will seriously make your life so much easier. No more writing your address on envelopes. Just stamp it! has a ton of cute and unique return address stamps for you to choose from. And they’re affordable. Our stamps make 25,000 impressions and then they can be re-inked to make thousands more. Your stamp will practically pay for itself!

Click here to shop Custom Self Inking Return Address Stamps

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Custom Self Inking Return Address Stamps – Wedding Address Stamp, Business Return Address Stamp

Custom Self Inking Return Address Stamps

A self inking return address stamp can be beneficial to you in several ways! A custom address stamp can save a lot of time. Handwriting your address over and over is very time consuming and can cause pain in your hands. Using a personalized address stamp eliminates the problem and imprints your address with just a single push!

Yes, you could use your printer to print your address on envelopes. That’s not as easy as it sounds though. You’ll have to setup a template using complicated software and then play around with your printer settings. You’ll have to deal with the inevitable paper jams too! An address stamp is the perfect solution! specializes in gorgeous, custom self inking return address stamps. Our address stampers are perfect for mailing out wedding invitations, save the date cards, holiday cards, business mailing and more! Our custom stamps last over 25,000 impressions, then they can be re-inked for thousands more uses!

Click to browse our selection of personalized return address stamps